4) Forgotten

March 3, 2013 § Leave a comment


Tea cup1 (TC1)

Tea cup2 (TC2)

Broken Teapot (BT)


TC1: Don’t be so pessimistic

BT: I’m not being pessimistic, I’m being realistic.

TC2: Good riddance!

TC1: There is no need to be so rude

TC2: I’m not being rude, I’m being realistic

BT: Listen, I’m fine with it. I knew this day had to come some day

TC1: But you were so good

BT: I was very happy, but that is irrelevant

TC2: Serves you right for being so big headed

TC1: I don’t think he is bigheaded

TC2: Of course he is, sitting there on his high throne, master and commander of the tea.

BT: I was just doing my job

TC2: Well I’m sure it’s not that hard

TC1: It’s a lot of responsibility

TC2: And he’s so responsible that he broke? Pah!

BT: All teapots break, I just really thought I had a few more years in me

TC1: We all did. I was just talking to the cutlery, about how…(breaks down) you’re so young

BT: I’m going to a better place

TC2: Yea, a better place for you

BT: I am useless

TC1: (Sobbing) We’ll miss you

TC2: Speak for yourself!

BT: It’s ok tea cup, you don’t have to miss me.

TC2: Good

BT: I just want you to remember me. Remember me from the good times

TC1: There were so many

BT: (chuckles) We had a few laughs, didn’t we?

TC2: No we didn’t! Stop trying to change history!

BT: Oh come on, don’t get so frustrated, we did have a laugh

TC2: I have never laughed with you

BT: Remember that time they forgot to put teabag in. Haha, that was a hoot!

TC1: Hahaha! I will never forget that! Oh I laughed so much my handle nearly fell off


BT: Don’t get so worked up


TC1: You’re shaking, are you ok?

TC2: I’m fine, I just HATE YOU SO MUCH, ARGH (crash as his handle falls off)

TC1: Oh no, your beautiful handle

BT: Looks like you are coming with me tomorrow. What an adventure!

TC2: (sobbing) Do me a favour and always remember the good times, won’t you?

TC1: I promise


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