Street Dance

April 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

I cycled by as her heels left the ground but her toes, hidden in tiny red shoes, still clung to the pavement, holding the weight of her bent knees. Her father’s arms wrapped around the girl’s back, thumbs guiding his hands under her armpits.

Her chubby fingers stretched out towards his shoulders, showing off her wingspan like a seagull gliding over the sea. He was crouched in front of his daughter, back craning over as it prepared to lift the weight of her little precious body.

I flew by on that crisp morning to witness the moment just before take-off. That half a second before her knees straightened into a leap and her stomach landed on her father’s shoulder, so she could rest her hands on the crown of his head and feel as tall as a princess.

In that hovering moment, father and daughter filling their lungs with a sharp breath at an empty bus stop, it seemed as though I had caught them half way through a dance.

A tango so lightly stepped that even the clouds they whirled upon did not wobble.

The little girl leading her father around the neighbourhood, her curls swirling in the air around the bubble their rhythm created. His gaze never leaving her eyes, the same eyes which looked out from every baby photo of him.

Those eyes that caught mine, brown and deep and holding more light than the grey concrete deserved. She let me into their dance of love as her cheeks burst with a smile, revealing a gummy mouth.

The world turned a full circle in a flash as they spun in a secret pirouette, before my bike took me away from them forever.



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