October 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

The sea wind drowns out their shouts quickly.

The waves crash around my ears and soon I forget that they had even been screaming at me.

They had been shouting “what are you doing?” which is a stupid question, really. I thought it was obvious when

I stood up,

walked straight into the ocean

and started swimming towards the horizon with all my might

that I was swimming away from them.

Did they really expect me to turn around and explain it to them?

Explain that it is all their fault?

Well it is too late now, they are tiny dots, little blurs on the sand, feet crashing into the waves as they throw their arms in the air, empting lungs into the wind.

That’s what I would see if I could turn around, but I can’t. I need to keep going forwards.

Kick, kick, kick.

Kick them all away.



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